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All about the Lenco Cards

About the Lenco cards and how to get and use a Lenco card

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We made the Lenco corporate card product with your business in mind, just like we do everything else at Lenco. Best for all your local transactions. With the Lenco corporate expense card;

  • The most innovative company card: It was built with superpowers to help you manage your business expenses in a way that does not affect your business bank account. This means that when you create a card for a team member or department, you can fund the card with the team's/ individual expense budget. This ensures that no one spends more than they are ever assigned.

  • Convenience: You can set all of your cards to be connected to a single account, so you can easily manage your spending and track your finances OR pre-fund a card with only the amount you wish to approve.

  • Track in real-time: Finance and accounting can see all spending on the dashboard, which helps reduce fraud and the need for expense reconciliation. Take the Lenco smart company cards everywhere you go.

  • Always Available: Our cards are always available for use compared to the constant downtime of traditional banks.

What else to expect from the Lenco cards:

Our corporate debit cards can be set up to have transaction limits or pre-funded, such that you fund the card only with the amount needed and it doesn't debit directly from your business account.

Apply for a card today and get it delivered to you within 72hrs.

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